TGPS’ core expertise is power plant performance evaluation services.We provide on and off site services for all types of power plant technologies and for different objectives.  The power plant heat rate and power output are among the most common power plant performance parameters to evaluate.

All tests are managed by experienced engineers and modeled per the guidelines of international industry protocols and standards such as, but limited to: ASME PTC 22, ASME PTC 6, ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 4.1, ASME PTC 4.4

Contractual Acceptance Performance Test

The financial viability of a project depends on its future revenues and costs. These expected money streams and project evaluations depend heavily on what OEM supplied equipment was promised to deliver. Small shortfalls in guarantees can be the difference between success and failure of a power plant investment.

Contractual tests are required to demonstrate and confirm the delivered performance of a plant or equipment upgrade. In order to ensure the compliance of the thermal performance guarantees it is essential to conduct a precision performance test. TGPS provides the expertise and third party objectiveness to provide an unbiased evaluation of the power plant performance.

TGPS can take on different functions:

  • Test Director: TGPS can lead the testing program; creating the test procedure, lead the procedure acceptance discussions, provide and install high-precision instrumentation, manage the on-site testing effort, create the test reports and reconcile the results with the witnessing party. This service typically involves a crew of 2-5 people, including engineers and instrumentation specialists.
  • Test Supervisor: TGPS can supervise the testing program conducted by other party. In this role, TGPS is responsible for ensuring that the test meets the quality standards set by the relevant industry standards (ASME, IEC, AGA, ISO etc…_. On these assignments, TGPS will review and comment on the test procedure, witness and document on-site testing activities, review the calculation results with the conducting party and provide a final report for the testing objectives to corroborate the conducting parties results.
  • Technical Expert: TGPS can act as technical expert at any stage of the project to resolve questions, mediate between the stakeholders and find solutions that are technical sound and appropriate to the particularities of the project.

Power Plant Assessment Programs

TGPS has extensive experience with power plant evaluation programs for government regulating entities around the world. By understanding the actual thermal efficiency of every plant, a grid regulator (public or otherwise) can optimize their dispatch model.

TGPS has the expertise to evaluate the production costs of electricity for all commercial interests (Forward, Day ahead, Intra-Day, AGC, etc…) in all mode of operation: baseload, peakload, minimum load… as well as the complementary modes such as frequency control, spinning-reserve, load-shedding, etc…

Our expertise covers the evaluation of the start-up and shut-down of the plant or of specific unit within the plant. We can also offer the elaboration or evaluation of the dispatch model itself.

Power Diagnostic Performance test

TGPS can conduct a performance evaluation of power plant to understand the potential areas of improvement. Depending of the technology this diagnostic might include the production of a thermal performance model of the plant. Using this computer model, we can create different sets of heat balances in design conditions using actual, measured, data from the plant. We can identify areas, with real data, that represent shortfalls in performance for the overall system.

Using the thermal performance model, TGPS can create different scenarios that could help to rank the ROI for different plant upgrades. For example

  • How is plant heat rate affected by the installation of inlet chillers for the gas turbines? or
  • How much output could be added by the installation of duct burners to the HRSG?

Before and after Performance Test

When making a significant investment in Capex for your plant or equipment you want to make sure you will be benefiting from the highest ROI. This is why you should conduct and Before and After test. TGPS will dispatch a team to measure the performance of your equipment before the planned upgrade to establish he baseline and then again after the work is complete to gage the benefit of the modifications. This step is essential in your calculation of ROI for such important investments.

TGPS can conduct these evaluations using station instrumentation or provide high-precision instrumentation to measure improvements.

Start-up and Shut down Test

TGPS has extensive expertise in the evaluation of the costs of starting and shutting down of a power plant.. During the startup and shutdown evaluation TGPS reviews the consumption or resources (fuel, water, electricity) as well as the impact of components life expectancy and usefulness.

TGPS can optimize startup times if these are not in line with dispatch guidelines, make recommendations on managing the startup sequence to minimize equipment impact. TGPS can even model the benefits of the preventive maintenance shutdowns for main line equipment (offline water wash, vibration analysis, acoustics analysis, etc…)

Periodic Power Plant Performance Test

To evaluate normal degradation of a plant means to evaluate its capacity for revenue. The only reliable means to gage the degradation of your plant is to perform normalized, periodic tests. To measure, and compare, the performance of a plant over time you must correct, or normalize, the measured values to the same reference conditions. That is the only way can you compare today’s performance with the same from 6 months ago. TGPS can ensure the measurements made render usable results, that be used with 100% confidence. This service can be rendered on-site, where we would dispatch a full team to site to manage testing or remotely, where your team can send us data collected from the plant instrumentation.

Our team of engineers makes sure that the calculations performed are consistent with the objectives and that the numbers can be considered accurately. We guarantee that the different events described by the data is explained in details and ensure that your team will understand if the maintenance program is achieving its goals and if it is not, why not.

Another goal of periodic testing is to evaluate long term operations and maintenance contracts with OEM’s or O&M operators. TGPS provides the objective 3rd party analysis of the plant or equipment actual performance with respect to the contractual agreements. TGPS can either conduct the performance evaluation or witness the supervising party.