Rental and Installation of High-Accuracy Instrumentation

TGPS holds in their warehouses located in Montreal, Canada; Monterrey, Mexico and Lviv, Ukraine a large inventory of high-precision instrumentation calibrated and ready to be shipped around the world. Available instruments are thermocouples, RTDs, pressure and differential pressure transmitter, power analyzers and data acquisition systems.

All this equipment meets the uncertainty requirements set by the ASME Performance Testing Codes (PTC) and the NIST traceability requirements.The use of precision equipment is required to minimize the uncertainty of the main performance parameters, for example to calculate the power plant heat rate

TGPS also provides installation services and set up of the data acquisition system. Our instrumentation specialist will ensure the correct installation and functioning of the equipment to consolidate the best possible data quality. When you have only 1 opportunity to collect relevant data you must insist on flawless data collection.