Performance Testing-

TGPS’ core expertise is power plant performance evaluation services. ASME PTC 22 – ASME PTC 6 – ASME PTC 46 – ASME PTC 4.1 – ASME PTC 4.4  

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Grid Code Testing

Over 100 power plants tested by TGPS for Government Regulated

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Emission testing

Portable High-Accuracy Instrumentation. Extensive experience in Coal Plants, Combined Cycles & Gas Turbines.

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Superior Analysis of Power Plants. Complementary Modeling for all Power Plants tested by TGPS.

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More Power Plants Tested than any other company in the last 2 years.

Power Experience, Worldwide Availavility.

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Rental of Instrumentation

NIST-Treacable Equipment – Available for Worldwide Shipping

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Acousting Testing

Near Field & Far Field Testing – Compliance with international protocols and local regulations

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